Bodmin Jail Visit

I love visiting historical places and whilst on holiday Bodmin Jail looked like somewhere I had to visit.

The Prison is steeped in history and has been there since 1779, it is now partially derelict which particularly appealed to me. The exhibition itself was amazingly informative with so many labels with information.

The whole space has a very eerie feeling and the past is almost tangible…

Bodmin Prison

Bodmin Prison – Women’s section

As I am starting to think about the topics I would like to work with I can away incredibly inspired by Bodmin Prison and am now considering it as either an historical topic or a site specific one. I shall ponder on it!

Some amazing information:

9 women were hung at Bodmin Jail

knitting In The Stocks - Bodmin Prison

knitting In The Stocks – Bodmin Prison

‘On The Wagon’

This phrase has been used for years to describe someone who has given up drinking alcohol. It came from the days of the Tyburn Tree and the home counties. As with one for the road this was just the opposite. As the condemned were bought to Tyburn on the horse and cart the Innkeepers would come out with the customary pitcher of ale or porter for the condemned. But the authorities had a change of heart after finding the condemned were always drunk on arriving at the gallows and decided that they must be sober to face the hangman. Therefore the escorting guards would fend off the innkeepers and tell them that he or she is “On the wagon” meaning that they are not allowed a drink of any description.

Oakum Picking

Oakum Picking


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