I have started to think through rope ideas and any further significance that it may have.

So far:

  1. Rope is used for hanging the condemned
  2. Rope is the initial product for Oakum Picking
  3. After oakum picking the fibres were used to Caulk boats for water tightness.
  4. Boats were used for transportation of prisoners. Transportation used as punishment instead of hanging.

I have used circles and spirals a lot in my sketchbook to explore ideas of control but also black holes and the sense of nothingness and void. I started to explore circles and spirals with rope in mind.

circleSketch rustCircle

Spirals can look controlled for example springs but they can also convey a real sense of being out of control, cyclone, whirl winds, vortex, tornado. It is these that I find particularly interesting, you can be drawn in unwittingly or a single mistake could suck you in. Once in there is no return, no getting out.

I like this analogy with prison. one brief action (however wrong) has a spiralling outcome. For a lot of the prisoners that were hung one mistake got them in there, for some it could have been wrong time wrong place and they were wrongly accused but either way once caught in the spiral there was no way of returning to the life before, no chance of release.

Rope Funnel

Rope Funnel

Rope Funnel


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