Beverley Ayling Smith

As part of the feedback from my first tutor report for this course, I have been asked to consider several artists in relation to my own enquiry.

Beverley Ayling Smith is an artist who’s work I have previously explored but someone who I had neglected to consider as part of my current research.

I had become aware of her work after visiting the second Cloth and Memory exhibition at Salts Mill where I bought the catalogue for the previous exhibition that she had been part of. Her work does touch on some of the ideas that I am attempting to explore at the moment. Her work explores the acts of mourning and Melancholia experienced by those left after the death of a loved one. I feel that my work is attempting to explore the sense of not existing any more after our own deaths.

Beverley Ayling Smith uses the idea that after a death we revisit items from the loved one ‘reconfirming their loss’.*[1]items of clothing, photographs all allow mourning to take it’s course and help us to work through our ideas of loss. Leading to the fading and diminishing of the pain but always acknowledging the scars that remain, we never completely repair.

Using cloth she creates textile pieces that evoke in the viewer emotions associated with grief. Fading and repairing cloth whilst also visualizing the long healing process.




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