Building on ideas

void Sketch

Exploration of nothing, non existence, void… sketches included circles as a symbol of the continuation of life as well as spirals as a symbol of lack of control. Dark absence and it’s relation to death. Oblivion.

circle Sketch with iron filings

bowl Ideas

I started to explore bowls as empty vessels the emptiness of a life unfulfilled, nothing remaining. Circular shapes – symbols of lives lived.

bowl Coil Sketch

In more depth I started to think about the bowls as coils/spirals signifying spiralling out of control. Utilizing rope as a significant part of life within the prison system.

I looked at both Macramé and basketry techniques as a way of producing coiled bowls. Using Practical Basketry Techniques by Stella Harding and Shane Waltner also Weaving Off Loom. two fantastic books.

Macrame Sample

Macramé Sample using a cotton yarn

basketry Sample

Coiled basketry Sample using 9.5mm sisal rope.


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