Clay and possibilites

Although Das has been good as an initial sampling tool it is too powdery. I started to look at porcelain and bone china and searched for artists that combine the two.

Jessica Drenk is an artist who uses porcelain slip techniques to create amazing sculptural pieces from every day objects like cotton pads, Qtips and coffee filters. Another artist using these techniques is Karen Baxter.

Their work was a very exciting find.

Clearly there is a downside to exploring this as part of a correspondence course and that is access to the facilities I would need to enable me to experiment with a process like this. I would also like the opportunity to try my previous samples with either porcelain or bone china. Unglazed I believe these with give me the delicate fragility I am after.

Last week I sent an email to both Brookes University in Oxford as well as The City of Oxford College who both have ceramics facilities, to see if there is any chance I may be able to have access to their facilities. I have received a reply from The City of Oxford College who are happy to work something out for me. This is really exciting and I have arranged a meeting there in a couple of weeks time.






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