Fragility and the sense of past existence

I was pleased with the results of the macramé and basketry but for me these only represent the now. They are too new, too complete and don’t represent the sense of history.

I wanted to explore the idea of what is left behind. I had been exploring impressions as a way of showing the idea of what has gone before.

rope Impression

Rope Impression – life lived and impressions / memories left. Knots represent significant life events.

I started to think about a way of creating an impression of my bowls and explored the possibilities of clay to mold an impression from the inside of the bowl.

Using Cold Porcelain I made an impression of the inside of one of my first simple bowls. I did achieve a reasonable texture but the clay is just too rubbery and doesn’t give me the delicate fragility that I am looking for.

Cold Porcelain Sample

Cold Porcelain Sample

I then decided to try again using bought air drying clay Das.

Das Sample 1

I was happier with this though felt that I needed to concentrate on a better construction technique. The stitches have become the dominant texture and these distract from the coil and the rough texture of the rope.

Das Sample 2

Using a better more invisible construction technique I had another go.

das Sample 2 Finished

das Sample 2 Finished

Das sample 2 finished – I added iron filings to the basket before I put the clay in. I wanted to create a more bone like colour / texture as well as the sense of deterioration and decay.



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