Betty Goodwin

I have recently discovered Betty Goodwin and I am really excited. I have no idea why I haven’t come across her work before. Her work is a really exciting discovery.

Betty  Goodwin is a Canadian artist who’s work explores themes around the body, loss, mourning and the passage of time using the mediums of print, drawing and sculpture. She is mostly self taught but did attend a printmaking course during which she became fascinated with found items, things that remind us of the traces of life and the loss. She began printing with each of these items making a series of one off prints.

During the early 70’s she explored similar themes within a series of work entitled the ‘Tarpaulin’ series. She accentuates the memories inherent within the tarpaulin by adding a new layer of memory with gesso, pastel, chalk and charcoal. These pieces remind us of skin with a surface of scars, life lived with the difficulties that entails.

She later went back to a period of drawing in the late 70’s with work for her nerve series. These drawings depict the passage from life to death with bodies tied to the ground with roots.

I am so pleased to have discovered her wonderful work. It is so interesting to see how other artists tackle similar themes and Betty Goodwin’s work is so compelling that I was immediately drawn to it before I had consciously learnt about the basis for her work.




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