City of Oxford Ceramics Department

I met with Graham Hudson a few weeks ago now and discussed my plans and ideas. The College allowed me to attend a the Associate Artists course for Monday mornings until Christmas. This is great news and really exciting

I have spent a few weeks now experimenting within the ceramics department at The City of Oxford College.

I experimented with using clay to create a cast of the inside of my bowls.

Cast clay rope bowls

I used porcelain slip poured into the bowl, but the first one cracked before it completely dried and the second grew an amazing coat of mold!

Cast clay rope bowls - mold growth

I have created a series of small rope print samples so that after firing, I can test oxides. My intention at the moment is to create a bone like colour and texture on the outside of my bowls. Reminiscent of human remains and a reminder that bones are possibly all that may be left of the memory of the women who were hung.

cast Clay Test Plaque

I made some tests, the first using porcelain slip and porcelain slip with some iron filings added

Porcelain Slip Test with iron filings

I also made some tests using Iron oxide, black iron oxide and a solution of ferrous sulphate.

Ceramic Oxide Test

These will now be fired and I will then be able to see the outcomes.


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