Progress and technique

I am really pleased with my experiments so far. I feel I am conveying the sense of fragile lives with barely any knowledge of the people behind the crimes well. I am still developing ideas and experimenting with oxides and glazes to finalize my ideas but I am really happy with the structures.

Coiled Rope Bowls

A series of 8 coiled rope bowls.

I have created a new series of 8 basketry coiled rope bowls.

  • I want them to be small and quite delicate.
    • Human remains are small and fragile.
    • The story’s are sad and lives are fragile
  • I want each to look quite different, individual. Like the women that they represent.
coiled rope bowls with clay

coiled rope bowls with clay

I carefully filled each with clay pushing the clay into the wet coils to make sure I get a good impression of the rope texture. The inside I have smoothed with water. I want the inside to convey a sense of emptiness – empty lives, nothing left.

I brought these home so that I could keep an eye on them so that they didn’t crack as they dried out. When ‘leather’ dry I carefully removed the rope from each bowl.

coiled rope bowls with clay

Rope removed from the clay bowls to allow for drying without the risk of cracking.


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