Rebecca Harris – Apronectomy

With scars currently a predominant part of my ideas for the historical project, I have revisited the work of Rebecca Harris particularly her skin deep series of pieces.

Rebecca Harris explores the body with a particular interest in weight issues and the surgical interventions used to counteract the effects on the body from weight gain. In ‘Apronectomy’ Rebecca Harris uses the image of stretch marks as scars on a fat body stitched into a simple apron made from calico. She chose calico as it is a simple plain fabric that is not often used to be worn but rather in it’s natural form it is also ‘naked’.

An Apronectomy is an operation carried out after severe weight loss to remove the excess skin from the stomach area.

Stretch marks are often seen as blemishes/damage, and women often seek surgical intervention. But these could be seen as inherently feminine part of lives lived, part of a story. Rebecca Harris challenges us to rethink our views by embellishing the scars onto the fabric with thread that creates a slight sheen in light. Elevating the scars to another level.



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