Rosalind Wyatt – The stitched lives of London

Rosalind Wyatt is an artist who uses textiles and stitched words to explore history especially within the ongoing project ‘The Stitched Lives of London’.

The project started with a piece of work titled ‘If shoes could talk’ 2011. A pair of tiny Edwardian silk shoes embroidered with words and imagery to tell the story of Mary Pearse a troubled daughter of a London shoe maker.

The project will consist of 215 pieces of work each exploring the lives of different Londoners. The length of the River Thames is 215 miles and the project will also physically duplicate the winding course of The River Thames.

Rosalind Wyatt chooses to use garments because they are worn close to our bodies and bear the imprint of the lives lived. When the stitching and the garment come together ” it gives a visceral sense of a human presence”.

Rosalind Wyatt has a background in calligraphy that has evolved to use words stitched within textile pieces.





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