Oxide tests

Using some textured samples I have experimented with oxides to attempt to create a bone like colouring to the textured outside of my ceramic  pieces. All my test samples were created in pairs half fired in a stoneware firing and the other half fired in a earthenware firing. Stoneware is fired at a higher temperature and gives a more intense colour.

I have wanted to use iron oxide for these samples because of the reminder of iron shackles and iron locks and keys used to keep prisoners incarcerated. The white tin glaze is a reference to the tin bowls and cutlery issued to each prisoner.


samples fired with half coated porcelain slip other half porcelain slip mixed with iron filings. Earthenware on left / stoneware on right.


Red Iron Oxide – Earthenware on the left / stoneware on the right


Black Iron Oxide – Earthenware on the left Stoneware on the right


Not normally used within ceramics I tried Ferrous Oxide that I had from dyeing – Stoneware on the left / Earthenware on the right.


Sample fired in an earthenware firing with a tin glaze.

I am really pleased with all of these samples, though less so with the porcelain samples. I am surprised as I really felt that porcelain would have the essence that I was after.

With these samples done I now feel that I am keen to progress with the black iron oxide on the outside in a stoneware firing. I would like to glaze the inside with the tin glaze but this would normally be fired at the higher temperature. So I have put another couple of tests through to see

  1. What would happen if the tin glaze gets fired at a higher temperature.
  2. What would happen if the tin glaze gets mixed with a transparent glaze and is fired at the lower temperature.



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