Because spirals have been fundamental in most of my research and ideas, i decided to explore spirals in more depth and discovered the Fibonacci spiral.

The spiral is made from the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. These are a series of numbers create by adding together the two previous numbers.


The spiral is made using these numbers to create a series of boxes.

Then within these boxes a line is drawn from corner to corner of each square.

These fascinating 3d printed sculptures show the beauty of the Fibonacci spiral

This spiral fascinated me but the mathmatical structure does not let itself to a feeling of being out of control. I wanted to explore more chaotic circles and spirals…

Using watercolours and a bit of collage I made some sketches.

watercolour Spirals

These reminded me of tie dye or shibori so I did a few samples first using some dylon dyes I already had.


After a bit of shibori research I rediscovered Mokume Shibori. I stitched a folded half circle of cotton and then indigo dyed it.

mokume shibori

This is really starting to have the feel I am after.


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