Rozanne Hawksley

I really feel I should love Rozanne Hawksley’s work because of the references to death and the use of bones, the passionate and powerful messages. All remind me of the questions and messages I try to convey but something about her work does not engage me fully.

She came to textiles similarly late in life, though she had already studied Fashion at The Royal College of Art some years previously.  She attended a short course at Goldsmiths run by David Green and this is when everything suddenly settled into place for her.

A lot of things in her life have inspired her work. she grew up in Portsmouth during the second world war, she lost two husbands to illness as well as her young daughter and then her son to Cancer.

She hoards and collects all sorts of items, pieces of fabric, bones and military artefacts using these to create her pieces. Building them up and then paring them back until the balance and message feels right.

I have spent some time exploring her work further, I find Rozanne Hawksley herself absolutely fascinating as well as some of her work particularly works such as ‘Pale Armistice’ understated and powerfully poignant. I do however find that some of her work does not move me in a way that I feel it should, I cannot pinpoint why that is exactly other than the for me the horror of what she is trying to depict is still not there. These are memorials to people rather than a way of asking us to remember the horror of war itself.

Two fascinating interviews with Rozanne Hawksley


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