Spiral shibori samples

I was pleased with the previous shibori test but felt that on white it was too clean looking. I decided to do some further samples…

I first dyed some cotton fabric in walnut husks to give an aged feeling, I then stitched it and dyed just the stitched section in indigo dye.

Cotton fabric dyed in walnut husks then stitched, just the stitched section dyed in indigo.


Detail to show walnut dyed area

With the second one I stitched some white cotton and dyed the stitched section in indigo, I then dyed just the un-stitched section in walnut dye. This was quite tricky to do. Indigo dyeing is quite a quick process , you get good colour pretty quickly with a somple dip. But walnut dyeing is a longer process and so needs to be held in place for some time to get any good colour take up.


white cotton stitched and just stitched area dyed in indigo. un-stitched area dyed with walnut husks.

The first sample I think works better because I was able to fully submerge the fabric and leave it to dye, getting a much more aged and generally grubby appearance.


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