Historical project coming together

I am happy with the outcome of this project. This has been quite difficult one to consolidate, but I feel this is getting closer.

I think I could develop this further as I am not sure i feel this is a completely finished idea.

With this idea I felt I needed to actually use the dress, so that I could get a really good idea about how the finished piece could look.

dress detail

What I found particularly interesting and I feel unwittingly added to the piece was the fact that through the indigo the small dots in the fabric started to look like tears. I am really pleased with this added detail.

dress close detail

The indigo circular shibori spiral does give the feeling of a chaotic spiralling out of control and indigo was particularly useful in portraying depression by ‘feeling blue’.

Walnut dye has successfully helped to give an aged and dirty appearance to portray the workhouse clothing and the red scar does have a sense of fresh blood, a wound that does not heal.


In think I need to spend some time with this out somewhere to consider if this does feel as if I have successfully fulfilled what I set out to convey.


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