Love is enough: William Morrison Andy Warhol

Love is enough is an exhibition at Modern Art Oxford running until 9th March 2015. This unconventional exhibition is curated by Jeremy Deller and is an exploration of surprising similarities between his two artistic heroes that both produced work during completely different periods in history.

Before visiting this exhibition I struggled to see how these two artists could be exhibited in relation to each other. I was thinking about Warhol’s bold use of color against Morris’ much more classic use of colour, or the very decorative nature of Morris’ designs against the graphic style of Warhol.

Having said this, it is an absolutely fantastic exhibition that brilliantly shows us some very real similarities an enables the visitor to see these two artists in a completely new light. Both were fascinated with the political climate at their respective times, they both use repeated imagery. Both enjoyed the craftsmanship of making especially printmaking and worked closely with teams of talented staff to mass produce their work. They also both wrote and published work.

The exhibition is extended further with real examples of their working practices. Especially impressive is a long sheet of wallpaper showing each and every stage of one of Morris’ designs as well as the hand carved wood blocks used to print each separate colour layer. This exhibition shows us more than simply the eventual outcome of a piece of work but gives us an idea of the level of work involved.

It was a great opportunity to see some particularly good examples of each artists work so close to home and has made me consider each differently.


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