Stitched and Dyed samples

Instead of machine stitching I tried hand stitching. Hand stitching allows for the slow considered process that I originally wanted.
initialStitchedSampleI was pleased with this stitched sample but found the dye-Na-Flow difficult and different to control once the fabric had been quilted.

I tried a second sample…

finishing SampleI took my time, gradually layering and layering colour with various levels of dilution over several days. Each time lightly wetting the fabric to allow for a certain amount of colour leakage.

I was much more pleased with this sample but does feel a little flat.

I revisited Sarah Sudhoff’s photo series ‘at the hour of our death’ and noticed a dark wetness in a number of the images, particularly in ‘Suicide with Gun, Male, 45 years old, 2011’.

I tried painting on a little latex onto one of my previous samples…


I also painted a little latex onto a previous stitched sample…


This really does improve the visual outcome.

I decided to add latex to my more finished sample…


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