With the space of Bodmin Jail’s derelict women’s section in mind. I wanted to consider the space and how best to display my work. I have considered several options whilst working on it.

Placed on the floor under a metal prison bed frame – laid to rest, monsters under the bed.


I dismissed this idea because I felt that being on the floor does not allow viewers to properly see each item, particularly the underside.

I also considered placing them in corners around the site but this did not feel right either. spreading work out over a space possibly dilutes the impact.

idea2Having visited The Hunterian Museum within The Royal college of Surgeons I felt I really wanted to reference the items I saw there.

The Hunterian Museum holds a collection of preserved medical samples. Many of these would have been obtained from the gallows. Although I do not know what happened to the bodies of these 8 women, I felt that we could still consider their memory as a relic or remains of their lives.

With this in mind I looked on ebay for display cases that would give a sense of medical / historical display.



Bodmin Prison

Bodmin Prison – Women’s section

I have created a mock up showing roughly how I envisage it looking. I didn’t have an image with floor showing from the actual space so I have used an image from a prison cell to give a similar impression.

visualization mockup




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