Eco dyeing as another route…

Whilst using dye-na-flow for my sampling I decided to see if I could get valuable results with eco dyeing.

I have long loved the work of India Flint and felt inspired one morning to see if this way of dyeing would give me results that could work with this project.

It is winter at the moment so I was unable to use fresh plants as a dye source. I have a box of dried bought plant dyes that I thought could be used in this way.

I wet several pieces of white cotton fabric and soaked it. I laid each out and placed and sprinkled dye stuffs over the wet fabric. I then placed a second piece of fabric over the other. I folded and wrapped the bundles tightly. When I had several bundles I steamed them for an hour.

Dyes used

  • walnut hulls
  • onion skins
  • weld
  • logwood
  • madder root
  • a couple of powdered dyes I bought in Morrocco a while a go.
  • rusted iron elements, nails, hinges…

The results









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