Pinpoint ii – One Church Street Gallery

An exhibition I wanted to see in a gallery I have never visited before. This exhibition is a collection of work from 5 artists who all ‘work with the construction or application of cloth’. The five artists are :

Claire Barber

Sarah Burgess

Hannah Lamb

Robert Moon

Gizella K Warburton

Two of the artists I had already been aware of via social networks, Hannah Lamb and Gizella Warburton.

Gizella Warburton

Gizella’s work was the most arresting for me. I think because the pieces reminded me somehow of what I am trying to convey within my work. Her work explores the tenuous line between life and death, referencing external skins and questioning what is within.

Hannah Lamb

Hannah Lambs work responds to the environment around her and is a series of thread hanging from the ceiling to the floor, each one captures a response to a different walk personal to the artist.

Claire Barber

Claire Barber uses her redesigned 10 trip Hythe to Southampton pier tickets as the starting point of her piece of work. Using threads to weave onto the tickets, she references the inside of the pockets that carry the tickets. The tickets are displayed in lines taking the cloth reference a step further and is reminiscent of quilts.

Sarah Burgess

This work references growth and death, cut branches have had the new shoots carefully wrapped in red thread to highlight and draw our attention to this new life. Broken china pieces are also given new life, from broken and discarded items they are made precious again by careful wrapping of threads.

Robert Moon

Robert Moon uses materials to explore structure and space. He creates forms of carefully cut stacks of material, using glue he takes a soft and malleable material and turns it into a more robust structural form.


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