Initial Thoughts

I have started to think about initial ideas for my main project as well as starting to fill my sketchbook.

I want to explore the idea of what is left after we have gone from our own perspective rather than from those who are left. I am also thinking about that brief moment between life and death.

Our memories are important to us in life but those memories are lost when we die. Even if we record our memories in diaries or in other ways, they never mean the same to someone else, they change perspective. These ideas became poignant to me after taking a look through my mums diaries recently, I may use some scanned imagery from them within my exploratory work perhaps.

Are memories what make us who we are?

I am still fascinated by the idea of a spiral or funnel as a metaphor for our journey towards death. The inescapably of it seems to be perfectly summed up. But where does that funnel take us, what is on the other side?




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