Re-Fashioned – Old Fire Station, Oxford

It is so exciting to have an exhibition of textile work in Oxford, on my doorstep, especially one with the work of Shelley Goldsmith and Lucy Brown. This exhibition opened on Friday and sadly I couldn’t make the private view but did manage to visit on Saturday.

Lucy Brown and Shelley Goldsmith are both members of the 62 Group of  textile artists.

Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown explores structure by using found clothing as her raw materials which she re-purposes into structural installations. There is a sense of the re-telling of histories through the restructuring of these items of clothing as well as a sense of growth and being grown up. There are two of her pieces as part of this exhibition one in the foyer of the shop and this larger piece below.


LucyBrown3Sally Richardson

Sally Richardson uses drawn crochet and knitting over vintage patterns to highlight the fact that patterns actively stop the creative process.

sally Richardson

sallyRichardson2Shelley Goldsmith

Shelley Goldsmith has fascinated me for a while. Her work explores the idea of making visible the emotions of the person who once wore a garment of clothing. The imagined Psychological states sometimes through the use of staining and marks. In Erupted: Cocktail Dress she explores our use of dress as a mask to cover the hidden turmoil and emotions that we hide from others by making what is usually invisible, visible.




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