Beili Lui


I came across Beili Lui’s Aliment on Pinterest whilst researching spirals and circles. It is a powerful piece of work about death and the afterlife. Within Chinese tradition relatives burn spirit money after the death of a loved one as an offering. Aliment is made from about 5000 sheets of Chinese spirit money folded and spiralled into an enormous coil. One side is bright and shimmers in silver and gold representing the here and now and the other is burnt representing the after world.


Void, for me, is a piece of work that is directly exploring the same ideas that I am attempting to explore at the moment. Sheets of black organza have been burnt with incense in ever decreasing holes, into a funnelled hole. At the bottom is a subtle hint of light, the promise of something else.

We do not know where we go after death, it feels like it could be an empty nothingness but a small light space at the end leaves us with the possibility that it could be something else.

Beili Lui is a really interesting artist with so many powerful and important pieces of work both installation and performance. Her work often explores energies and forces and the differences between them.



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