I have spent some time considering quotes that could be used in conjunction with this piece of work and that might add another dimension to the piece.

I wanted some text that sums up for me the disappearance of personal memory at death. I have researched epitaphs, quotes and poems over several weeks.

‘Things past belong to memory alone, things future are the property of hope.’ (John Home)

We are somebody’s memories when we are gone – Devania Annesya, X: Kenangan yang Berpulang

‘You’ll follow the crows for it…’ – Irish proverb meaning to miss something after it is gone.

“All you that doth my grave pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me” epitaph on a gravestone.

I particularly like the following quote and feel it goes a long way to explaining my thoughts…

‘Post mortem nihil est ipsaque mors nihil’ – Seneca 

translated ‘after death nothing is, and nothing, death:’

My initial interpretation of this quote is that there is nothing after death. Another interpretation would be that death is nothing to us, nothing will happen.

These interpretations both go really nicely with my project. My initial fears of death being the impetus for the project and also personal memory being destroyed at death.

Seneca was a Roman stoic philosopher and dramatist between 4BC and AD65. This quote is taken from his play ‘Troades’ – The Trojan Women’

Using this quote I experimented with embroidering the words.



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