Spinning paper

I have started to consider the possibilities of spinning paper after starting to follow a group on Facebook dedicated to paper yarn, thread and textiles. It has been extremely inspirational seeing the work.

I have a drop spindle and after watching the you tube video from Vicki Howell I thought I would give it ago. I started with pages from a phone book which worked quite well but I didn’t like the colour. I then decided to tear strips from a guardian paper. This was enormously frustrating the paper broke very easily and was impossible to get any significantly useful length.

Paper Yarn

Paper Yarn first attempt at spinning paper using pages from a telephone book

After this frustrating start I decided to order some plain newsprint. This worked really well.



Paper Yarn

Using bought news print

2nd April 2015

I have experimented spinning with some printed handmade wrapping paper. It is easier again to spin and gives a nice consistent tight yarn. I have now bought some unprinted undyed handmade paper to experiment further with.

crochet Handmade wrapping Paper

Crocheted handmade wrapping paper



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