Following what I learnt

After making a prototype using ideas and techniques I had experimented with I felt I had a better plan going forward for this piece.

I set about making a final piece more meticulously this time, conscious of the potential pitfalls.

After Death Nothing Is

I wanted a smooth stitched interior that has an ominous sense of being drawn into it. I set this first then stitched it.

I stitched the Seneca quote onto a strip of quite raw bleached cotton cloth, that i placed on the end of the funnel. I then put another layer of gesso’d fabric over the outside with rolls and folds to give an uncontrolled feeling.

To combat the problem of the bottom of the funnel I created a smaller card cone that I inserted at the bottom before this last stage.

After Death Nothing IsWith some of the loose threads at the edge of the funnel I put twisted spun paper copies of handwriting, to suggest diary entries or notes / thoughts / memories.

After Death Nothing Is


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