I have considered the significance of the paper and whether it should simply be paper as a symbol of a life line with the capability of capturing and recording memories and thoughts. I started to think about the process of memory within the brain and looked at science library imagery of neurons and neural activity. I then experimented on wet paper with watercolour to emulate neurons. I also tried dye na flow on white paper and white watercolour on blue paper.


Science imagery of neurons, Sketches using watercolour on wet paper.

I tried using cyanotype printing as another way of emulating neurons, I love cyanotypes but don’t feel that this creates a satisfactory outcome for me. the watercolour and dye na flow bleeding has a much more unpredictable feel which I love, the cyanotypes look too smooth.

cyanotype neurons

Neuron sketches / cyanotype prints using different yarns.

After testing the watercolour on some handmade paper I set out painting 2 sheets of paper after carefully marking out strips…

2 sheets of handmade paper with watercolour

2 sheets of handmade paper with watercolour

I cut the sheets into strips and carefully spun it on a drop spindle.

I used this paper yarn to crochet a bowl.

Hand painted, handmade paper spun and crocheted into a bowl

Hand painted, handmade paper spun and crocheted into a bowl

I then covered the outside in paper clay. when dry I wet just the paper in the bottom and carefully removed it with tweezers. I then gilded the impressions left.


I felt that this bowl had been crocheted too large and too open. I also felt that after spinning the colour had become too muddy, a lot of the colour came off on my hands during the spinning.

I started again using dye na flow instead. This gives a much more intense colour that doesn’t come off on my hands. With more practice my spinning with paper is improving and I am producing a tighter more consistent thread which is exciting.


I crocheted another bowl. This time I used a larger hook to create a more open texture, I also started to reduce the stitched towards the top so that I created a more enclosed bowl.bowl8




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