17th International mini textiles exhibition

Whilst browsing the OCA student forums I came across a post by Sandra Flower with a link to a request for submissions for the 17th International mini textiles exhibition. The theme was ‘memory of textile’ and after reading through the submission requirements I felt that my Bodmin prison piece would fit the criteria. I felt that it is good to experience for me, as part of developing towards an artist, to builds up some experience.

Last weekend I heard that my piece of work has been accepted for the exhibition along with 26 other artists. The exhibition will start in Bratislava on the 3rd June and will then move to Prague on 1st July. I have booked flights and a hotel so that I can attend the opening ceremony on the 3rd June in Bratislava.

This such an exciting opportunity at this stage of my work and does also make me feel much more confident of the question ‘Is this textiles’!


3 thoughts on “17th International mini textiles exhibition

  1. Well done and thank you for the link to your entry. What a poignant work you have created. I like the lack of sentimentality your piece has. At the same time the brutality of these women’s ‘lives’ is precisely captured.


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