Silk paper bowl

After creating silk paper, I decided to see if I could use the technique to create a more 3 dimensional structure.

silk paper bowl

I pasted the fibres over the outside of a smooth metal bowl.

Continuing my research and exploration of empty vessels as a metaphor for death and loss. I decided to experiment with printing imagery using cyanotype techniques onto bought handmade paper and then pasting the image onto my hand made silk paper.

My first attempt failed. I tried to paste the image on when the silk paper was still wet and the image simply faded to nothing pretty quickly.

My next attempt was much more successful.

silk bowl with cyanotype

For this sample I used an image of my dad that I had to hand. To develop this further I need to go away and consider the imagery I want to use. I need to consider whether to use my own memories or more generic memories simply to convey my ideas.

I think the cyanotype is a good choice because of the connotation’s of ‘feeling blue’. Printing onto the bought handmade wrapping paper has allowed the image to begin to deteriorate in places which also follows the ideas of deteriorating memory or fading memory.


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