Thinking about display

I have been considering the various ways I could display this piece of work…

It could simply be placed on a plinth, but I don’t think that this would aid the understanding of the piece. It could also be mounted or framed, but this feels too simplistic for this.

I started to search on pinterest for different ways of displaying and presenting art and found this board of Ines Seidel’s. I was particularly drawn to this image:

It started me thinking about a wire support, a way of raising the piece up so that it no longer touches the ground. A reference to our ideas of heaven or another place, rising above the world.

I managed to curl a piece of wire around a pot to create a perfect circle. I needed to think of a stand for this wire support. I considered setting it into concrete, but that felt too harsh too solid. I also didn’t want a flat square, plank like, piece of wood. So I went out searching for a found piece of wood that would work.

Branches are also dead, reminders of trees, they are organic and can change over time. This felt like the right direction.

I found a perfect piece and ran the wire through a natural fissure within it.

display of paper clay bowl

display of paper clay bowl

display of paper clay bowl

I will leave this out on display and consider it over the next week or so to really decide if this works, but at the moment I am quite pleased with it.

Because of the roughness of the paper clay and the general imperfections it has an organic feel which is supported with the use of wood.



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