Fibre vessels – further experiments

I have spent some time doing some further experiments with the fibre vessels…
paper Bowl - deterioration

I wanted to see whether I could give a deteriorated feel to one of my silk vessels by simply dampening it. It makes it look crumpled a bit like it has given up.

silk paper Bowl

I also experimented by adding coloured silk threads to the natural silk. I am pleased with this it reminds me of deteriorating vegetation, like flowers left in a vase that have started to decay.

inkodye paper Bowl I also tried using inkodye to print images onto fabric . This is similar to cyanotypes but has a wider range of colour possibilities. I chose to use sepia because of the connotations with memory. I printed onto fabric and then pasted it into the inside of a bowl I had made from wool fibre.

lace Bowl

I have some old lace and pieces of hand made filet crochet and tatting that has been handed down to me. I used the paste to see if this piece of filet crochet would hold it’s structure when formed into a bowl shape.

These are all important experiments that I can develop further but I need to fine tune my ideas, I think, first.


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