Fibre vessels further thoughts

I have been considering family a lot in my research and thoughts around what is left after death.

Our genes carry on in our off spring after we die. I see similarities in myself and in my mum now that she is gone and I am older. We cannot help these traits they are simply part of us, passed down through generations. This idea of being tied to previous generations and the comfort of continuing on though future generations is an interesting one. We can take comfort in our realisation that we will continue to be remembered.

However I guess some traits will be unwanted, not something others are keen to perpetuate but this is still a part of us and makes us who we are whether we like it or not. We are all individually made up from previous generations. Our families tie us to each other.

I would like to use this as the basis of piece 3. Using silk paper vessels to represent individual members from the past, gone and empty but still part of a continuing story.


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