Developing ideas further…

This piece is beginning to develop into a more positive piece than I had anticipated creating at the start of my major project. I think that the more I consider my feelings towards death and mourning my thoughts are becoming less bleak.

This piece of work explores the idea that elements of previous generations remain in future generations. I have very definite characteristics and traits that I recognise from remembering my mum and these must have come down to her from her mum. I do feel a very strong attachment to the women in my family and it is these strong women who have made me who I am. This is a positive element that brings comfort after the loss of someone close and also allows us to consider the generations that we did not meet.

I also started to think about vessels in relation to this idea. Vessels are containers as are our brains and memory.  I remembered from my research Lachrymatory bottles, these are small glass bottles used throughout history during the mourning period after the death of a loved one. They are used to collect tears and have a special stopper, it was thought that when the tears had evaporated the period of mourning was over.


Another element I remembered was of some sketches I did several years ago when my parents died as a way though the feelings I was having.

tears2Tying these ideas together I sketched this image. The blood line of women signified by the red thread tying empty vessels together each one representing a different generation, each member having long gone.

The intention  is that the fibre vessels (fibre of our being) will also incorporate salt as a stiffener, salt dulls the glue by removing the shine but also relates perfectly to the Lachrymatory bottles referencing the evaporation of tears ie the mourning period is over but we still remember.



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