I like the idea of our family making us who we are. Continuing with printed images within the vessels I felt that the idea that each one represented a different relative or person was an interesting one….

Using a couple of the previous samples I used a thread to illustrate my thinking and to see if visually it works.

Threaded family line sample

I had started to feel that the idea of using blue cyanotype as my method of image transfer onto the bowls, didn’t feel quite right. I see this as a more uplifting and positive piece of work, more a way of reminiscing. I wanted a way of printing antiqued looking imagery and remembered a product called ‘inkodye’. Used in a similar way to the chemicals used for cyanotype printing inkodye comes in a variety of colours and sepia was one of them.

I created a series of negative images that I wanted to print and printed them onto overhead projection film on my inkjet printer. I covered some fabric in a darkened room with the inkodye. I blotted off the excess and placed the film over the top then a sheet of glass and laid it out in the sun for about 20 mins.

It was quite frustrating because each time I tried something didn’t work.

Inkodye tests

I gave the negative more contrast, made sure the exposure was long enough, made sure I had removed any excess inkodye etc. The biggest problem I had though was washing the inkodye out. I quickly realised it is quite stubborn stuff and eventually resorted to double washing powder dose in the washing machine.

inkodye success

This was much more successful!

firstAttemptHowever when placed within my fibre bowls I realised that the images lost some clarity. The images are old and are fairly unclear but I felt that there is some confusion with the form against the background. In Photoshop I removed the background detail to enhance and make clearer what details are there.




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