17th Mini Textiles Exhibition Umelka, Bratislava

I travelled to Bratislava for the opening ceremony of the 17th mini textiles exhibition at Umelka Bratislava. Excited to see my work in an exhibition with other exhibiting artists!

17th Mini Textiles exhibition Umelka Bratislava_June


A fantastic exhibition with a wide range of responses to the title ‘Memory’.

I was so excited to find my piece of work in the students area of the exhibition.

17th Mini Textiles Exhibition Umelka, Bratislava



The opening ceremony was very well attended, but because of a language barrier it was difficult to meet some of the other artists.

17th Mini Textiles Exhibition Umelka, Bratislava


It was however wonderful to meet Victoria Brown one of the other exhibiting artists from the UK. Her work is stunning, she has cast pewter within felt objects creating a physical memory of liminal space.

Victoria Brown

I also met Polish artist magdalena kleszyńska who was one of the three awarded artists.

magdalena kleszyńska

There was some amazing work within the exhibition and I came away full of excitement and inspiration!

Miroslav Broos

Miroslav Broos

Martina Chuda

Martina Chuda

Mira Podmanicka

Mira Podmanicka


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