Item 3 finished pieces

Silk and wool paper vessels – fabric of life.

Salt encrusted relics of the past. An attempt to capture mournful memories of each of the strong women that have made me who I am.

The salt water has dried as a reference to the time passed, and the vessels are on their side empty their contents passed on.


The red thread references a life line or blood line tying each to one another. the white vessels are there as a reminder of others who have gone but who have also added to making us who we are.


My great grandmother on my mothers side.


My grandmother on my mothers side.


My mother.


Me with my father.


Salt encrusted texture.


Delicate and fragile – precious.



One thought on “Item 3 finished pieces

  1. Lovely work. I’m really interested in your explorations of family, loss and mourning as well as your choice of 3D form for this theme. Enjoying following your project as it develops.

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