Item 4 beginning ideas

After visiting the exhibition at Gallery x in Bratislava I became fascinated with the possibilities of polyester manipulation as well as it’s potential to create vessels.

As soon as I was back in the UK I bought a selection of polyester fabrics and experimented with wrapping it around an object and boiling to see if I could create a free-standing vessel. This is the exciting result…
shiboriBowlIt is fragile and delicate but is able to hold it’s shape without collapsing.

After this I tried again, wanting to get a more bowl like shape I chose a ball to wrap the fabric around. I also experimented with stitching sections of fabric to see the outcome…

shibori Wrapshibori Wrap Result

The outcome of these was really interesting and I left them for a day or two, occasionally picking them up and manipulating them to consider the possibilities of using this within my project.


During this process I put the two together. I used layers initially as a way of visualizing generations within families, but with the two together they remind me of a peony.


Peonies are significant to me, they have always been a favourite of mine but they also remind me of my mother and my grandmother. Petals can signify generations unfolding but for me these flowers themselves remind me of past generations.

This also reminded me of grave immortelles something I had come across previously during some research. Long lasting porcelain flower displays left on graves beneath glass and or metal cloches for protection. There is very little detail about these that I can find but I have found some interesting imagery.




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