Main project considered

Main Project so Far

Taking a step back and reviewing my work towards my Main Project so far.

  • Vessels as a metaphor for loss and death.
  • Attempts to visualize the sense of loss through something missing or no longer there.
  • Moving towards an inevitable and inescapable end. drawn towards (funnels)
  • Generational memory held within us.
  • Paths through life / threads of life / fabric of life.
  • What is left after someone has gone. (a trace/remnant)

I have used different techniques and materials with each in an attempt to fully realize and explore my thoughts and feelings about my ideas surrounding death. Each project is exploring a slightly different aspect of my theme and allowing me to fully reconcile my thoughts.

At the beginning of these projects I felt that they would end up being quite bleak but during my research and exploration, my attitudes towards the subject have changed. This has surprised me.

My work again is a cathartic process working through my fears and facing them head on. Allowing myself through my art to thoroughly explore a subject and my feelings towards it. In this respect I feel my main project has so far been successful.

With each item I have learnt new techniques and pushed the capabilities of these ideas and materials. I have really enjoyed these new discoveries and feel that I still have some work to do with a few of the pieces and would like to explore some of these further, particularly spinning paper and impressions left within clay/paper clay. For me item 2 is the most intriguing and should be developed further still.

So far as a whole they work together reasonably well. My first piece (the funnel) does though feel like it doesn’t quite fit in somehow. Though it is still exploring my subject using the same basic themes it is the only one that has no sense of positivity. I feel it is still relevant to my exploration of the subject as it does show my changing attitude to the subject as I have progressed but visually it does stand out as different.

Item 3 currently feels too clich├ęd at the moment, I almost want to simply have the fibre cups as a visual representation of people and generations without being specific. I think that I will continue to develop this further.

I have already started to reconsider item 4 (fabric flower).




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