Piece 4 reconsidered

Having spent some time away from this piece of work, I have taken the opportunity to reconsider it.

I had felt that the loneliness of a single flower would convey a certain sadness but after some consideration I feel that the layers do not convey the support of previous generations in a powerful enough way.

With this piece I want a sense of the layers of generations are what make us who we are. the brown ‘decayed’ petals / flowers represent these. The white flower on the top represents current living generations, a vessel capable of containing, untarnished and bright. Supported by the flowers beneath. I want it to look forlorn, as a memorial decoration would and i wanted a direct reference to the historical immortelle grave decorations.

I decided to go back and make some further flowers. ‘Decayed’ whole flowers that would act as a support too a single white flower on the top. I also looked into creating a base on which to place this that would allow for the wire cloche on the top. I searched and found a small wooden chopping board perfect for the job.






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