Hats as a starting point

Rope felt appropriate for the bodmin piece of work, but for this the material itself does not add significance to the ideas or story for me. I have considered paper again. Paper has connotations with memory and writing diaries but again something doesn’t quite fit for me, it doesn’t feel complete enough.

I have spent quite a bit of time thinking and rethinking my thoughts. I want to use something that is reminiscent of life, that has some individuality. It suddenly dawned on me that hats fulfill my sense of this project. I started to research my ideas further.

  • Hats are often used to show our individuality.
  • They are used for protection, from sun and from the cold as well as hard hats for physical protection.
  • They look like vessels.
  • knitted and crocheted hats are created in the round – a spiral!
  • The saying ‘keep it under your hat’ refers to keeping secrets, secrets are often revealed at death.
  • ‘put your thinking cap on’ implies life. thoughts and memories in life that disappear at death.
  • to cap something off – to stop something, life?






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