Major project reconsidered

I have spent alot of time recently considering  and reconsidering how my major project is going…

  1. I feel that some of my pieces have been experimental in both thought and process.
  2. Some are more sucessful than others at portraying my ideas and conveying my thoughts.

With my new job I have been offered the opportunity to use the small gallery space to show some of my work to the artists at the studios. It got me thinking about the work I am currently working on and whether I would actually put it there as work I am proud of.

This thought process has been invaluable. It has really quantified my feelings.


finished3_600After Death Nothing IsI am particularly disatisfied with these two pieces. Neither feels like they satisfy my origonal ideas an thoughts. They do not move nor inspire me. They feel weak in message and presence.




display of paper clay bowlThis piece feels incomplete and I have decided to continue the process. I am currently working on taking this further.





FirstFiringWeb2 Immortelle1I am particularly excited by these two pieces they satisfy my idea of the project and they do move me.



3 thoughts on “Major project reconsidered

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