Ai Wei Wei – Remains

Remains is a new piece of work by Ai Wei Wei created for his current exhibition at The Royal Academy.

This piece of work has come about after Ai was given a set of bones excavated from a clandestine archeological dig of a known mao labour camp where chinese radical intellectuals had been held (similar to Ai’s own father). Ai Wei Wei has had these bones recreated meticulously in porcelain, a material highly prized by the chinese.

We do not know who these belong to, but this piece of work represents all that remains of the atrocitites carried out all over China by the government to silence itellectuals who opposed the regime.




I was so excited by this piece of work because it has a deep resonance with what I am trying to do with my own work. The ideas of ‘what is left’ with reference to archeological evidence and investigation as well as osteological.


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