Repairs and symbolism

Ideas of:

  • Mourning healing over time
  • Feint / changed memory left when someone has died (impression)
  • Items can become more special and precious after someone has gone even when damaged
  • the sense of someone still present (imprint)
  • Deep blackness of despair
  • Bone like remnants (all that is left?)

Visible ‘Kintsugi’ repair of smoke fired clay



Residual impression from acrylic knitted hat in clay

I very much like the similarity these have to bone and human remains and I would like to display these as if they are archeological remains or museum artifacts.

I have purchased a couple of bowl display stands that I feel work well as stands. I feel a viewer would need to see the inside of the vessel as well as the outside because both of these aspects are important to this piece of work.


Bowl Stand


Visualization – Museum like display




One thought on “Repairs and symbolism

  1. These are beautiful pieces. I want to feel them – to touch the smoothness and roughness. I think that adds a sense of loss to the pieces for me: once someone has gone you can see their impressions left behind – a footprint in the soil, shapes in clothing- but you can never impress yourself on them again.

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