Developing item 6

After waiting several days for the paper clay to dry, I started to burn the paper yarn from the clay. I also wet the yarn and removed some this way. I completely forgot to take photos of this but I didn’t feel happy with the outcome and decided to spray paint the interior instead. This gave the darkness and forboding that I felt I needed.

blackI have previously explored salt crystals within my work, I think during a level 2 piece of work. Salt is a metaphor for sadness and tears but it has also been used historically during both mourning within tear bottles as well as part of funeral customs to ward off evil spirits. See the image below from the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.


I made a solution of epsom salts, 1 cup epsom salt and 1 cup water heated until dissolved. Using a pipete I ran the solution around the deep impressions within the surface and left it to dry and form crystals.


I felt that there should be a juxtaposition between the inside and the outside. Dark and light – Life and death – Heaven and earth…


Using several layers of high gloss paint I covered the outside of the vessel to a smooth high shine. This contrast can be seen from viewing the vessel sideways (see below). I have kept some dimples and organic imperfections within the surface but on seeing the photograph now perhaps in hindsight it would have been interesting to see an absolutly smooth and flat surface. If I were to make a full sized piece I feel that I would.


Close up the spinning sense of falling into something, being drawn in, feels apparent.



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