Item 6 ideas and beginings

We often use paper in one form or other to record our memories. Diaries, printed photographs, books…

I decided to extend and redevelop the ideas around item 2 and started again by spinning some ‘Lokta’ wrapping paper. This paper, through experimentation has proved to be the most successful at spinning, that I have found.


Having spun two balls of paper yarn, I used it to crochet (in the round) a slightly cone shapped vessel. I had experimented with crochet hook size until I acheived a reasonably dense fabric with some holes.


After this I stuffed the vessel with carrier bags and newsprint covered in baking parchment so that clay would not stick to anything other that the crocheted paper. I then stapled it to a board to that it could not move and was firm.


I then covered the whole piece in paper clay. I chose air drying paper clay again because of the light weight. It is more like papier mache than clay.



2 thoughts on “Item 6 ideas and beginings

  1. Am trying to learn this- spinning newspaper – I’ve never used a drop spindle before so it is quite something to see what you have mastered with this paper. Now I know what I’m aiming for!


    • Hi Lottie, I found newspaper too fragile and it kept breaking, I even tried different newspapers to see if some used better paper. Plain newsprint paper worked quite well, but in the end I found that hand made lokta paper gave the best finish. Experiment. To spin paper I don’t drop the spindle, I couldn’t do it without it breaking or being very uneven. I found that rolling the spindle accross my leg was much ore manageable and only slighly slower. Good luck.


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