Redevelop further

After a lot of considering both the ‘finished piece’ whilst also considering it within the major project as a whole, I felt that this was letting me down. It didn’t feel finished and also felt like a weak element to the project as a whole.

I think that the ideas behind the piece and project as a whole were strong so I needed to polish the idea and develop it further into a more balanced piece of work.

The elements that I wanted to continue were:

  • The use of paper as a metaphor for memory
  • The visual element of neurons and the spread of ink to represent this.
  • vessels and spirals

After doing the chinese ink painting workshop I had been inspired to think about using silk paper. I found a supplier in china town London (Guanghwa) who kindly ordered a roll for me from china. Silk paper is very strong and I felt it would spin beautifully but it is also perfect for ink painting so would be good for my ‘neurons’.

Chinese ink on silk paper

Chinese ink on silk paper

Having spun paper for several projects now, my technique has improved significantly and I am managing to get a consistant tight yarn.


Spinning lokta paper


Painted silk paper


Spun painted silk paper

I felt that crocheting a whole section has looked a little too chaotic and although created in the round cannot be seen as a spiral. So I decided to simply spiral the spun paper yarn over a form.

wrappingI did however decide to keep the element of crochet coming from the clay vessel . I crocheted a section in the round to follow the circumference of the shape that would protude from the finished piece.

‘Make something of yourself’ springs to mind. I feel that we strive through our lives to leave some kind of lasting legacy, some way of being remembered and the idea that perhaps by the end of our lives we will hopefully feel we have ‘made something of ourselves’.

But here it is followed by an unravelling…


I added some chinese ink to the yarn before I added the paper clay to help enhance the textured immpression.


As soon as the clay had tried I removed the coiled yarn from the center to reveal the impression left.




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