Major project – critical feedback

After having my major project installed in Filament 14 – Magdalen Road Studios for a week, I have recieved some invaluable feedback from a few of the resident artists.

Annabel Ralphs

  • The length of paper on item 2 could be significant, relating to years perhaps
  • Tubes that are supporting the hung paper coud be smaller – less obtrusive
  • Could use silk thread rather than a clear fishing line to hang the silk paper
  • Would be good to have a film of me spinning the paper
  • She was excited by the potential of the smoke fired ceramic pieces

Sonia Boue

  • Really liked item 1, felt that it was the most resonant and self evident piece
  • Potential with item 3 to make use of the fact that they would disintergrate when damp or wet. Again possibity of time lapse film. (loss)

Ellen Hausner

  • Felt that item 3  and item 1 could be hung somehow to continue the theme of item 2.
  • Felt that the plastic tubing was too obtrusive
  • Perhaps include the drop spindle within the work to reinforce the spinning.

Rose Wallce

  • The paper reminded her of an ECG machine
  • The fabric on the funnel piece reminded her of hospitals and illness
  • With no suggestion she referenced Anish Kapoor with the salt bowl and although this is very much a sample this has encouraged me.
  • The ceramic pieces conjoured a primative unearthed quality which she couldn’t place but this is exactly what I was after and again I am pleased.
  • She felt that the shibori immortelles was a strong piece and has a feeling of ‘domestic fragility’

Overall this whole process has been fantastic for me. The opportunity to be able to properly see all of the work together in an enironment away from home in itself has been hugely helpful but the feedback has been so helpful in evaluating ideas and thoughts and see it all from a different perspective.

I think that there is definately things I can take away from this and a few changes I can make before Assessment.


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