Reconsidering this project

During my final preparations for assessment and working through all of the work, I have spent some time considering this piece of work. I feel that during Assignment 2 Project 10 I panicked a bit and actually in hindsight I feel I had some strong ideas that could have been taken through to a stronger final outcome.

My experiments with scars and wounds I think are strong and could certainly have been developed further. Some of my intital ideas using sprials had a lot of potential and the final piece doesn’t seem strong enough in comparison to these earlier ideas.

initial Idea Scar_noWords


4 thoughts on “Reconsidering this project

  1. My only regret is that I have not been able to follow you ( my fault probably) from the start of this process. I have just had a short visit from a grandchild who lives in USA, his Mum is from Beijing and my son is a mixture of Scottish, Norwegian genes. I can see his Chinese grandfather in him when I see him walk, his Father is also there in his temperament as well as his Mum who is in possession of a very strong character. You are right, like it or not, we are all a product of those who have gone before us. Your hat vessels are a great way to depict this and I look forward to getting out and trying myself. Thanks for sharing.


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