Following on after feedback

After recieving feedback from artists at Magdalen Road Studios I decided to consider videoing myself spinning to further enforce the paper, spinning and memory ideas in peice 2. I cosidered several different ways I could go about it.

I haven’t filmed myself before and did think about asking someone else to film me.

I considered returning to Filament 14 and filming myself there.

In the end I decided to do it in a very personal way by going to the grave of my parents and filming myself there. I felt that it was important in this instance to be alone and use the spinning as a meditative process and a way of taking time to think about death and life.

I used a selfie stick to film myself as well as proping my phone on a bench to do a distance shot. It was a very windy day and this did cause problems for me.

Overall I am relatively pleased though I do really struggle to watch myself, I may get used to it!

I envisage having a screen, showing the video as part of the installation.

I haven’t managed to spin paper by dropping the spindle, it generally doesn’t hold the spin or keep a tight yarn.

NB: Further changes after feedback from my tutor

I recieved feedback about my video from my tutor about the sound. I have now reduced the wind  and added a summer sound file to it.


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